Drip Drop

Listening to Rain (Bishop Allen)

Courtesy of JAxt for introducing me to them. I really like them and will be seeing them next weekend. Got to interview Justin Rice a couple days ago. The interview log will be up shortly on the recess blog. But this song is very fitting for the weather and of...life I suppose.

oh let the rain fall down
and wash this world away
oh let the sky be grey
cause if its ever gonna get any better
its gotta get worse for a day



1) Just came back from D.C. It was quite enjoyable albeit cramped sleeplessness, but that was also an experience in and of itself. We performed at a couple different homeless shelters, and people were receptive to our songs and message.
As for the downtime, the core topic of the trip revolved around relationships because two of the girls in the group were going through heartache. That really got my mind spinning about tons of stuff, stuff that make me more more affirmed and similarly weary. Some comments were made in a tone that resonated with why I'm turned off by Christianity sometimes. Condescending, one-sided, closed. It extended too far into uncomfortable territory to which I kept my mouth shut for the most part. I generally give people the respect of listening to their ideas, but it is unfortunate when that same is not reciprocated because they are too stuck to think otherwise. This was probably why I wasn't feeling the best upon returning from the trip, but all is well now. I was just slightly baffled.

2) On a more superficial note, I have been cleaning my room, and I can't believe how much clothes I have. I'm bleeding a little inside. I could probably go two to three months without wearing a new top, a month or two without recycling bottoms...it's basically torturing me as to why I still feel the need to shop. shoot me please.

3) Bike riding is fun...when one is not out of shape. Lesson learned: I need to to exercise more. Riding to work should not make me out of breath.