Two Pros One Con

-JAxt invited me over for dinner--chicken, mash potatoes, and salad. It was a nice break from school food.
-I ordered some purple jeans today. We'll see how well those fly.

Never am I ever cramming a 10 page paper in one day again. I don't want to deal with it.


thoughts, spring 2009

-i need to befriend my retainer again. if not, i will revert to crooked teeth, death cab style.
-i vow to wake up to lykke li for the rest of the year. she makes my heart sing.
-don't consume so many fermented beverages. spending the next day recovering is the worst idea ever. and i might get cancer. determine cost-benefit analysis of drinking before drinking (this is for jordan: three drink max)
-i need to start finding friends my own age or i'll be lonely by 21.
-neo-mullet haircuts can actually work.
-sleep is great for the body.
-stress is not.
-avoid perkins at all costs next next semester.
-cat videos are the best things to happen to me. kittens...inspired by, kittens!
-i survived after winterbreak's little surprise! and am stronger than i thought.
-being in the moment is a struggle; looking forward to the future is exciting, but don't forget to stop and enjoy the burger you're eating; the shower you're going to take; the friends you call for coffee breaks; people watching on the quad; the great weather (as of late); the mistakes and lessons to be learned; the battle scars that only make you better (and more badass); the realization that you're only twenty once in your life, so make it worthwhile.
-college goes by too fast to grasp onto anything significant, but too slow for it to be fun sometimes... it's up to me to find the happy medium.