notable quotables II

"I feel like I'm listening to robots jumping on a trampoline."
-Nate Dawg describing Hot Chip's "Ready for the Floor"

"Jessie, I'm not stressed. I don't give a shit. It's done...but next semester, I'm going to sit in the front row of classes, take notes, and not fall asleep!!!! I'm going to do it!"

-drunken Alex after finals

"Who the fuck has finals on Sunday?"

-everyone who doesn't go to school with me

"I don't like people enough."
-Baishi complaining about not hanging out with enough people, but realizing...

"Why the long face?"
-Baishi's pun about my facial structure. go figure.

almost back to this place.


notable quotables

"jessie, if china takes over the world, can i come live with you?"
-nicole g.

"oral histories are just an excuse to get together with people you admire without it being creepy"
-gordon mantler + class

"you think i'm so dumb, jessie. i hear it in your voice"
- implied by adam sap.

(looking through photos) "oh my god! JC is indie!?"
- adam sap take two.

"i've always wanted to be indie, but i thought you had to be skinny!!"
- dj

(note: i'm officially the dumbest person ever. i just figured out today how to change the font size and color of text. all i had to do was click "compose" instead of "html" on blogger. hence, my experimentation with today's post. it's rocking my world. congrats, jessie tang)