I just like this photo. I like Warhol, despite what people think of his art. I'm not going to get into that discussion today. Anyways...
It's mellow. I want to be mellow yellow. It's something i'm working on. extreme highs and lows are pretty lame.

best part of tonight: sitting on the swing, bundled and hidden in my large coat, listening to Tiny Dancer and Across the Universe.


singing the blues

for some reason, i have no motivation to do anything.
i'm slightly depressed, slightly restless, slightly lethargic, slightly unpumped for anything.
i'm listening to michelle branch (yeah, you heard me) but it's not doing much good for thy soul.
diagnosis: i need more sleep.
that's all.
afterthoughts: yuck is a weird word, but it describes how i feel very well as of now.

yuck hw. yuck memo. yuck work.


sunday morning, part 2

Sunday morning, praise the dawning
Its just a restless feeling by my side
Early dawning, sunday morning
Its just the wasted years so close behind

Watch out, the worlds behind you
Theres always someone around you who will call
Its nothing at all

Sunday morning and Im falling
Ive got a feeling I dont want to know
Early dawning, sunday morning
Its all the streets you crossed, not so long ago

Watch out, the worlds behind you
Theres always someone around you who will call
Its nothing at all

Watch out, the worlds behind you
Theres always someone around you who will call
Its nothing at all

Sunday morning
Sunday morning
Sunday morning

-velvet underground


dispatch mismatch

the title has no mean whatsoever. i'm just listening to dispatch right now and wanted a cute, rhyming title.
this week has been pretty chill--i'm thoroughly satisfied.
ran out of text messages.
nothing too interesting to say.
@ the loop. it's noisy.
i need to use the restroom, but i don't want to leave my laptop here unattended.
therefore, i will wait. hopefully my bladder won't explode like kepler's.
i really liked european history, i realized. europe is perhaps 100x more interesting than the united states. we just enjoy hyping things to the 1000th degree here. we're flashy, we're loud and we're obnoxious. yay america!
anyways, i should get some work done.



conceptual, conceptual.
life. and shit.
it's 244 am on monday morning. i'm tired, but my mind keeps drifting in and out of thought. most of them are lame and not worth repeating. the others are just plain stupid and not worth thinking about. basically, i'm going nowhere with this.
i miss my family, and it makes me sad that when we do talk, it's really brief and casual. it's not like we don't talk about stuff that's going on, but i always spare them the details because thye know i'm fine, blah blah. even if we didn't communicate that much at home, it was just the fact that we were all together and the presence of comfort was just there.
and i'm here. and i don't know where i really am anymore. i just bumble around day to day, trying to make the best of things. yeah, i have fun. yeah, my friends are pretty great. yeah, i'm enjoying college. but the more i think about it, the more detached i feel. the more impersonal everything becomes. the more isolated and alone things get.
i love existential crises.
if one is defined by his or her experiences, i don't know what i'd consider myself to be, or not to be. generally, i'd like to think i'm making the most out of my time, but i always feel like i'm never doing enough. i guess even though you can jam pack your day full of shit, doesn't mean the shit don't stink.
this place of contentment should unfold itself soon. i'm in a cave and i need to see soon. please. plato, when the hell is it going to happen?
when the hell do people realize things just come together?
i have no idea.
i don't even know.
i think i don't like missing out on my family and friend's lives and i'm frustrated by not being able to do everything all at once. and satisfy all my deisres all at once. and not being able to say i'm here and there, all at once. and being able to smile at everything all at once.
that's it. i'm actually braindead now. good night. or good morning.



to all my singles out there...i sympathize, empathize and empower you with...well, nothing really.
because, like most of you, i harbor bitter feelings towards this Hallmark holiday.
the most i can tell you is
next time.

haha, that's horrible. anyways, so glad this week is over. it's been horrendously tiring, unforgivingly life-sucking, the descriptions goes on and on...

i'm floating about, as usual. doing the ush (pronouced YOU-sh, short of usual).
food for thought: do you believe in chance, fate or none of the above?

all is full of love

check it out.
Interracial duos find themselves in the minority - Recess