Pros & Cons

As I told JChorng the other day, I'm going to start (somewhat) daily blog updates with a list of pros and cons. At first it was going to be two pros and one con, but this week is sucking so much it should just be all cons.

-Officially lactose intolerant. Can't believe 90 to 100 percent of Asian-Americans are. "Common symptoms, which range from mild to severe, include nausea, cramps, bloating, gas, and diarrhea." Let's just say I experienced four out of five of those symptoms. Couldn't go to bed. Woke up queasy. I can't believe Ben&Jerrys and brie would do this to me!! I love cheese...
-Failed PubPol. More of a disappointment to myself more than anything else.
-Overwhelmed. Seriously considered dropping out of school yesterday. Legit.
-Missing the fam&&friends.

Pros (trying my hardest to dig for them):
-A wonderful weekend behind me. Thanksgiving ahead.
-It's Wed! Getting over the hump...
-Sister sent me the cutest e-mail. Apparently, middle school in the 21st century is too different that I won't be able to understand it. Fact: I went to middle school in the 21st century. My sister has got it wrong!! But I guess I didn't see kids smoking in the bathroom or making out at parties, so she wins.
-Wonderful friends (JAxt, LPowers, VLella) who have got my back all the time.

Best part of 11/11: Finding out Jordan doesn't type with his thumbs. New nickname: JAxt, the thumbless typing boy wonder.

Eno River. 11/8/08

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Lucie said...

how do you type without using your thumbs??? what does he use to hit space?