two months into the year 2009,
two months of not blogging,
i know people are missing me.

thus, to appease all my worldwide followers (read: three of my friends with too much time on their hand) i'm leaving this little note.

//current contemplations:

getting through school.
-Microeconomic policy tools
-Discourse of Disease (the class is as vague as it sounds)
-Comparative Approaches to International Studies
-Chinese 136 (read: the bane of my existence)

enjoying the better weather. basking in sleep. dreaming more.
hanging out with the lovelies that have come back from abroad.

feeling more confused than ever (read: spending way too much time thinking about my life. but as charles saadeh reminded me this morning, everything is insignificant. you just need to find ways to keep yourself happy)

learning to not stress (whatever that means). probably the hardest of them all.

day at a time. fighting restlessness.

growing in my capacity to love more than just myself.

my sanity. strung loosely. jc keeps it in place.

//future fuss:

going home for the summer. apparently the dry california weather will do me some good. i'm thinking more like a tan will do me more.

(i'm thinking about) berlin for the fall. yes, i don't know german. yes, i'm going to learn some.
ish liba dish.

that's all for now.

note: notable quotables will return shortly.

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