i want to create something as incredible as the post-it. seriously, i don't understand what can top a handy pad of paper that allows you to jot a few notes down, and (wait...here comes the best part) it STICKS (ALMOST) EVERYWHERE. no residue--simple, affordable, life-saving. it reminds me to call my parents, go to e-print, and to eat (no joke, it's written on one of my yellow stickies...the reason remains unclear).

not only that, i want to create something that has changed the course of human language.
take the segway, for example. the other day, i unknowingly wrote the name for the two-wheeled devil instead of "segue," and it took me a while to recognize my mistake.
and doughnuts? pretty sure dunkin' donuts has forever lefts its mark on me because for all i'm concerned, donuts have no dough, but rather just dos. and don'ts. like, "don't eat too many donuts because you will feel a vomiting sensation." wait, that might have been the alcohol...

speaking of alcohol, people need to pace themselves. note to everyone: alcohol should be taken in moderation, even when it's free. and tasty. and even if it makes you melt away into blissful oblivion...
pacing is important.

so thankful my hell week is over, and i should probably sleep soon.

my anal to-do list:
read the bible
figure out other internships i could do
be super stoked about nyc for the rest of my life.
call parents. because i forgot to yesterday. and today. and now it's too late.

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Varun Lella said...

is the alchyhol comment aimed at a photographer or a certain indie kid..... sighness