Rocking the Subpar

1) I slept way too late last night, but it was for good reasons. Got to bond with our pre-frosh. She's so sweet and I would love for her to come, but secretly, I hope she gets into Princeton or Yale.
2) Having all the new blood here makes me feel so giddy...wise...old...young...all at the same time. Mostly, it saddens me that I won't ever be as naive and excited for anything in my life again. College has been great--it's a learning and growing process, but sometimes I wish I could hit "reverse" and start off all over again, just so I could experience the uncertainty and rush one more time. One more time...(daft punk continues)
3)I'm going to NYC for sure this summer! Excitement and elation doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. Honestly, I don't know how I feel because I don't know what to expect. I like being throw into things and just working from there. Can't wait.
4) Caribou Tuesday! asjdflajsldfkj;lasjdfljasldf
in computer lingo: too overwhelmed with emotion to type anything coherent. Something I wish Recess had more commentaries on different social phenomenons. Hib's sandbox this week was pretty brill. In high school, we did spoofs on Myspace and emo and urban dictionary. It's not "academic" enough though. Totally understandable.
5) I'm ridiculously stressed right now. I need to finish a draft for my paper before 5, then I have to go sing 2 songs with Sapphire and spend the remaining 3 hours sitting and doing nothing. Absolutely awesome that we're opening and closing the show. After that, more work resumes: make up quiz monday (chinese), test tuesday (psy), test wed (chinese), memo thursday (pubpol).
6) I"m doing a lot of growing right now. Getting better at handling situations. Realizing that I really do enjoy my independence. And that I am slightly manipulative, with no harmful intentions though. I'm not perfect, but I'll work on it.
7) TBA

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