Why is Barack Obama so captivating? Why is his voice so...silky, and calming, but all the while prominent?
I'm watching his speech on race for the second time, and it's still intriguing to listen to him.
True, all the things he says isn't anything new. The issue of race has been debated and acknowledged and abused and debated some more. Yeah, I know the issues that we currently face aren't all about race. Yeah, I know the presidency shouldn't be about race.
But somehow, he just packages it in a way that makes it concrete. Defined. Lifted up in the best manner possible. Obama is reassuring. I feel like if I giant wave were about to swallow me up, he could stand next to me and tell me everything is going to be ok, and I'd believe him.
It's this trust that people see in him that makes him such a great orator and leader. However, I'm still uncertain whether this trust will take us far enough. This hope, will it actually materialize into anything feasible and practical?
Practical vs visionary...
I'm still slightly undecided, but I think the practical is out of the question at this point (sorry hill, I thought you really might have had a chance earlier).
Oh well, what can I do?
We should just work with what we have and make the best of it.
Obama, don't fuck it up.

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