I <3 NY

greetings from the east coast.

i always introduced duke as on the "east coast." but it was essentially "the south" more than anything. it didn't have the sky-high buildings, the past-paced living, the OP (original prepsters) i have come to hate--and accept, of course.

right now, as i sit in my small double room, facing a window that peers into the muggy air that is suffocating with life, both unseen and seen, i am overwhelmed and empowered. i want to get up and do something. i want to get out there.
There: the vastless unknown.

everything in new york is more enhanced (read: on steroids)

the coffee is stronger.
the people talk louder. faster.
pedestrians walk quicker. impatiently. fearlessly, in front of moving cars. traffic signals are suggestions, not ultimatums.
stores are larger, brighter, more appealing.
buildings are taller, more majestic.
clothes are sharper, more fashionable, stiff--or nonchalant, whatever your style may be.
store personnel are less friendly. more annoyed.
there's more of everything--more restaurants, more starbucks (if that's possible), more energy, more honking, more materialism, more rich people, more homeless people, more awareness, more direction (or lack thereof).

however, people are nicer than i thought they would be. as i stood cluelessly looking at a large map of the subway system at 86th and lexington, a guy came up and asked me where i was going. i replied "i don't know yet." i just knew i wanted to go somewhere. so, we started talking. he'd been in nyc for 21 years now. he had a 20 year old son. he worked for the MTA, but landed the job unexpectedly and has been at it ever since. loves his job. loves life.

everything is unpredictable.

the strangest thing, though--he asked me if i was a journalist. i didn't say anything about me writing--all i had mentioned was i was majoring in public policy. i asked him how he knew.

"you're a good listener."

damn, people ARE more aware.

i traversed the downtown area, walking/looking/taking it all in.
went to borders and browsed through some NY books with places to hit up.
walked some more.
i wondered if i appeared to be an out-of-towner. wonder if they could tell.

i have orientation in 2 hours. till then, i'm working on internship stuff, listening to rilo kiley, and looking out into the ny scenery, wondering where the subway will take me next.

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charles saadeh said...

Only in The City.

Don't wear a fanny pack

Don't look both ways

Don't take a horse carriage

Eat falafel

Don't take a cab

Don't confusedly stare at the metro card trying to figure out which direction it swipes

Take a bus

Study in Central Park...In your own discovered safehaven



For once, I dare you to blend in.

Only in The City