Who Gives A Fuck About the Oxford Comma? Clearly, the kids who sat through a thunderstorm.

photos are out of order, but it goes as follows:
nice day at park. pictures at the pond, baishi with alice & friends, real lady statue.
crowded at the park. oh shit, rain at the park.
more rain. wetness. lots of wetness. no umbrella. baishi strips.
(note: in the large crowd photos, you can spot me and baishi in the distance...we purposely did this to create the allusion to Where's Waldo. Find us.)
running in the rain with the mob. crossing the stress with the mob.
rain dies down. we're still wet.

the result: unforgettable day on how our quest to watch Kid Sister and Vampire Weekend took an unexpected turn toward chaos, drippiness, and some lovely pictures.


charles saadeh said...

Umbrellas are the buzz-kills of life.

Few things stimulate the same emotions of warm-rain-runs.

Duke. Mid-September. I endlessly prove. I smell rain. I strip. I run. I live.

I am truly jealous of your existential rain experience. I'm happy that you are "living" New York.

Lucie said...

so jealous you got to see them!!!

i got completely drenched yesterday in the rain (the second time it's rained that hard in hanoi during the time i've been here). so insane; the roads were flooded and traffic was at a stand-still.

Varun Lella said...

Those photos are kind of the hawtness....

Oh bash.