Doing Good(e)

Of course, appropriate that GOOD blog would talk about ABC's new show, The Goode Family, a sitcom about environmentalism. The question to ask is: too soon? Have we gotten to the point where we can make fun of being politically correct yet? We shall see.

The clip looks pretty funny.
New buzz phrase? "WWAGD": what would Al Gore do?

Check out the blog post here and watch the video. I'm actually quite excited for it. Maybe I'll go from Gossip Girl to Goode-doers. Of course, while watching the Star Trek series from the beginning because the movie was that good.


In Pittsburgh right now. Saw TV on the Radio yesterday. Awesome. They rocked out in an old church.
Going to Falling Water right now, which I'm stoked for because I've always wanted to see it after learning about it in art history class.

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