peel, stick, rip.

yesterday, i spent a good half hour taking strips of 3m wall tape off my posters. those suckers are quite misleading--sure they don't take off paint, but it doesn't cancel out the fact that they take off pieces of my posters.

some of my posters are old friends--paris&eiffel tower, beatles, james dean.
others are newly added acquaitances--marilyn monroe, japanese deer, absinthe goddess.

along the slanted slopes of my ceiling, these posters sat. and watched. collected dust. got ripped a couple times. but they remained.

the old friends are a little more tattered. but after the fight that took place yesterday, i would say my new acquaintances don't mind the external bruises.

each time i peeled off part of my poster, i winced. it didn't feel quite comfortable, but at the end of the day, i didn't really matter. the poster was still there. with each peel, i felt that a little part of me escape as well.

people prefer to be sponges, soaking in all the newness they can.
i prefer thinking that people are big blobs, and along the way pieces of you fall off, eventually forming a more defined silhouette, ready to be scratched up some more.

right now, i sit like a big blob, albeit a tired/hungry/in disbelief blob. everything is packed away, including the posters. each year they become more wrinkled with time, more faded by sun, they are packed away safely for eight months, and the cycle will then continue in 2010.

as i take a eight month break from duke, i'm excited to see what is in store. perhaps i'll bring some friends back to greet those barren walls.

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