Mommy & Me

As you may have figured from my other posts, Mama Tang came to visit me in Berlin. We traveled together (twice, to Amsterdam & Frankfurt/Wiesbaden), ate together, walked together, drank together (that was quite entertaining), slept in a hostel together, took pictures together... did lots of things together. All in all, good mother-daughter bonding.

highlights: hostel, red light, van gogh museum, canal after canal after canal. generally, i just loved just wandering around the streets at night, people watching.

Den Haag
highlights: great museusm (vermeer paintings & modern art), quaintness.

highlights: eating a home-cooked chinese meal (with some quirks, naturally), watching my mom gawk at how döners are prepared, walking down unter den linden at night, having my mom nudge me about how slow my german learning was going.

highlights: stayed with my dad's cousin Yvonne and her family (and feeling like one of five asian people in the entire city), cable car ride over rhine valley, vineyard after vineyard after vineyard, four-hour dinners over wine and apple strudel that entailed crazy stories about the tang heritage. how i heart family.

(note:I promise to post photos from dresden/prague/italy at some point...)


Lucie said...

mama tang!

Tiffany Chen said...

Photos look beautiful.
Your mom is definitely almost as hip as you are.

Can't wait to see you here in Paris! :)

Jennifer Chow said...

love the running shoes

Tiffany said...

jessie, i miss you! i hope you get a chance to celebrate thanksgiving pseudo-american style! =] we gotta catch up when you get home.

Tiffany said...

p.s. this is tiffany pan =P