I Feel Just Like A Child

I had a fabulously French weekend with Madamoiselle Tiffany, as we had a rendezvous in Paris!
Delicious food, delicious sights, and delicious clothing. What more can a girl ask for?

And if that weren't enough, I had the privilege of seeing Devendra Banhart tonight. I would say it was one of the best experiences of my life. My friend Leo and I mustered up the courage to say hi to him after the show. He was everything I wanted him to be, and then some. He laughed at my jokes. He said my scarf was beautiful. He wore a rose hair tie and mismatched socks.

No wonder I am feeling so giddy.

Photos && more extensive update to come. The next week or so is going to be hell for me, so I'm pushing off updating until I can regain sanity.

And, for the record, DBanhart said "See you later."


Tuwie said...

awww jessie i am so happy for you that your devendra experience was so great! yay!! i just found your blog! :D

Tiffany Chen said...

Haha so jel.