It all comes to an end

I'm not too sure why, but I'm in such a good mood today. Despite the fact that I woke up at 6:40 a.m. for registration (blah) and took a Chinese test (went decently well), I'm just looking on the bright side of things. I'm super stoked to take classes next semester because they're actually classes that I want to take. So in that sense, I want the semester to end. Soon.
However, on a sadder note, I went to my last Durham Nativity School teaching session today and I'm more depressed than I thought I would be. I really enjoyed the class and even though the class didn't accomplish as much as I thought we would, the kids were so open to sharing and we just had really fun discussions and it's so great to have these kids look up to you. Plus, I think the group is really good at promoting Prospective Health Care now. Gah, I miss DNS already.
I'll post pictures later.
I need to study some more Econ (which I'm getting into now that I have the time to actually sit down and read) and I promised myself this week was all work, so I'm going to stick to that agenda. Damn it, I don't mean agenda. I mean...Whatever, I'm studying. Toodles.

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