Sunday Morning...

Oh boy.
The laziest day of the week. And yet, there's so much work to be done.
Last night I went with my friend Agnes to see the Harlem Classical Theater's rendition of "Romeo and Juliet." Although my first impression of the show was that it was going to be a ghetto-fied version of the Shakespearean classic, it turned out to be much more than that. It was refreshing, to say the least; it was definitely colorful, fun, vibrant, words that usually don't come to my mind when I'm thinking about Shakespeare. I think I've forgotten the essence of Shakespeare's work: it was written for the common people. "Romeo and Juliet" is full of sexual innuendos and racy scenes that I often forget about as I'm trying to break down every bit of metaphoric prose that alludes to death. There was one scene where Mercutio "skeets" on the audiences members by way of a watergun. It was definitely raunchy, but the cast members stated it was nothing that modern teenagers wouldn't do. Everything that was brought up in the play was suitable to the extent that it didn't cross the line because there shouldn't be a line. One cast member said answering a woman's question, "if that's your line, then you should reexamine it." It was one of the best answers I've heard in a long time. Not afraid to be bold.
I went out with my hallmates last night to my friend Eric's party; it was fun. Danced, danced, danced. People got plastered. What else is new?
But now, it's Sunday. I have to work.

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