You're moving too fast for me...

I had a really great time tonight. I went to dinner with some hallmates to the Jewish Freeman Center and had this awesome Thanksgiving dinner with lots of food, fun and manishevitz. Afterwards Eric, Alex, Doug and Kiley trekked back to the bus stop and we went to watch "Once" at the BC.
It was really simple and so bittersweet. I use that word, "bittersweet" a lot, but it seems to define so many things in life. Nothing is ever one-sided; there's always a part that remains imperfect or slightly undesirable, but it makes the extreme cases that much better (or less worse because you came to expect it already). Once is a "musical," but in the most unconventional sense. It's based around the life of a nameless struggling artist who ends up befriend a nameless woman. They have instant chemistry, but we find out he has been coping with his past love for a very long time and the girl is still married. However, they work together to get him a record deal and record some of his tracks. The songs are a part of the movie. It's at the core, the essence of the film because their relationship and the struggles of life are spoken through the songs. The two bond with others through the music. They experience each other's pains through the lonely piano chords and strums of the guitar. I won't say the movie had a happy ending, because it didn't, but I was content now that I look back, because they had each other for a while, and they'll always remember the moments. The little things. They had that shoulder to lean on, that person to lend them their CD player, to fix their vacuum, to push them to become a better person. It's so nice to be reminded that love, friendship and simple pleasures will always be the core of our existence. haha, i even bought the CD off of iTunes. kill me.
I'm stressed for econ and the paper, but i don't feel like studying. fudgenut.
deep breath.

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Alex said...

gotta hand it to you jessie, really good review of the movie, the more i thought about it the more i was like eh since it wasn't really that dynamic of a movie, but you def put it in good perspective, and ya good movie thanks for having me come even if its a bit out of my norm, anyway have fun getting up in a few hours for that tour haha see you tomorrow.