Anyone Out There?

In my moment of frenzy and lightheadedness, I headed where any homesick and sick Asian person from California would go: the local Asian Supermarket.

Let's start with the fact that I am feeling a little lonely. Just a little.

Let's add another fact that I like independence. But only when it comes with the comforts of home and/or familiarity.

Let's add another fact that my body hates me and is getting so sensitive to food. I am a master at self diagnosis (and by master, I mean the ultimate abuser), and I have declared myself a victim of stomach flu and possibly lactose intolerant. If I'm not... well, we'll have to deal with that later.

Being hours from home and friends and people to vent to, getting sick so early in my trip has been slightly terrifying. I am incapable of feeding myself the food that is needed (where the heck am I going to find chicken noodle soup?!) and failing at providing my body with needed rest.

It's been a little over two weeks since I've been here, and I'm starting to miss bits and pieces of home. Take this Asian market, for example. It's nothing compared to 99 Ranch, but it's something (Berlin doesn't have a "Chinatown," and I'm quickly resenting it). At least I have some alternatives when I'm sick of cheese and bread and doners and schnitzel. And is it odd that I found it comforting to step into this store, while I was starving and tired, to feel some sense of community because the people that worked there spoke Chinese? It's bizarre, but being a minority has become more and more apparent to me. I'm sorry if this is all coming off as strikingly obvious, but I'm having difficulties describing how I feel. It's more of what I want to feel and having to substitute it with temporary things for now.

As I stepped out of the store with a bag full of instant ramen and Chinese crackers, I was more at ease. Even though I'm sick, at least I have my container of Instant Noodle King.

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Tiffany Chen said...

Awe, you poor thing. :(
Don't think about what you're missing! Think about what you have!

And, get some rest.
They might not have familiar get-well food, but I know that every country has water. Which is the ultimate remedy.

Perhaps some tea, too. And a good book.

Feel better :(