recap: hung out with the infamous alice finally. and by infamous, i mean one of the sweetest people i've ever met. v, you did well on this one. our blind date went outrageously well.

ate some sushi. the owner/manager of the restaurant was cantonese. whipped out my bilingual skills to impress...him. he went on this rant about how the world has too many issues, but you can't blame them on one particular group or person.
alice's response to him: "but sometimes, you can..." that made me laugh.

went to see deerhoof. metropolic ensemble preceded them, and the entire time it was as if i were in a futuristic video game, the aliens were coming, and space odyssey was dawning upon us. plus, the shrieking noises just sucked.

and then...deerhoof. let me just say that they are worth seeing live. it makes me appreciate their music that much more. the drummer is a true prodigy--he played so hard the drum sticks broke at one point. the dissonance and tension felt so tangible and the energy built up made me want to go rock out with all the other long-haired stoners in the front.
the lead singer really is a small japanese lady. too cute for words. killed me every time she jumped up and did this kick move.
sidenote: watching people bob their heads in unison was a awwwwesome.

plans for today: siren. then whatever. stoked.

Metropolis Ensemble.

(they weren't that great)

(haha, i dont' think she'd like this photo)

prospect park

deerhoof, take one.

the drummer has trouble speaking. he spoke. like this. and paused. because he couldn't. put. his thoughts. together. but he's just so caught up with the drumming that it didn't really matter. went to add to their persona.

lalalalalala. incomprehensible english and japanese.


Meet me, meet me, over the mountain
Meet me, meet me, under the ocean
Cry out, cry out

(The Perfect Me)

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