Office Conversation, 1

Girl: "I'm so sad I can't buy clothes here for two dollars."
B: "It's New York."
G: "I can get it for $2 in Georgia!"
B: "But you don't go to Georgia that often."
G: "I don't care! I'm just saying."
B: "Yeah, you're a bargain hunter. Me too, but it's hard to find clothes in my size."
G: "You could find stuff at Ross"
B: "You want to take me shopping one day?"
G: "No, because you're a man and I'm a woman."
B: "So we can't go shopping together?"
G: "No."
B: "So if we were girl friends, you would take me shopping?"
G: "Maybe."
B: "I don't understand."
G: "You're a guy and I'm a woman. Guys should pay for everything. That's why you work."
B: "No...why do guys make money? To provide for their families."
G: "Yeah. That's true."
B: "But I'm not family. I'm just a friend."
G: "Still. Why do you think you drive a BMW?"
B: "Because..."
G: "Because you want to impress the ladies. That's it."
same G: "It looks like you party a lot."
same B: "Why do you say that? You're so judgmental."
G: "It looks like you party in Brooklyn."
B: "Why do you say that?"
G: "You just have that look."
B: "Actually, I don't. Just because I live in Brooklyn, doesn't mean I party there. I actually don't party anymore...I go to a lot of networking events."
G: "Ughhhhhh, don't use that term with me. I hate it."
B: "What? Networking events?"
G: "Yes."
B: "Fine...events."

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