The Natives Will Get It

Direct quote from the loony maintenance man today (we'll call him Bob). Bob called the Russians students at the graduate institute that I work at "debutantes walking around with their cupcakes." Bob was frustrated by the mess they made today. Bob thought they should eat their cupcakes near the dirt. Bob was talking to himself. Bob also said...
"The Natives Will Get It."

sidenote: I'm quite positive he told me last week, "If you were a native, you would wear your shoes."
fact: I had my flip flops next to me.
fact: I was sitting at my desk.
fact: I slipped them off because I was sitting.
fact: he had also said I was a horrible person at some point because of the shoe incident.
question: I don't look like a native?
conclusion: He thinks I'm "foreign," with no notions of American values and courtesy. Shame on me.
further conclusion: He made a racist comment.

But since he is a little off-the-wall, I'll forgive him.

I forgive you Bob. Thanks for making my days here so entertaining.

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